Canning Drive Fundraiser to Kick-Off the 2023-2024 Season was a Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our first fundraiser of the new season. The morning temps hovered in the low 20s (brrrrrr) and our volunteers were literally freezing. However the generosity of our community quickly warmed our hearts. We ended up raising a total of $680 in 4 hours!

Thank you to our hosts, Dunkin located on Elm Street and the Dunkin located on East Washington Street, for allowing our players to stand outside. The employees at both locations were very friendly to our girls, one even bringing a cup of hot water out so she could warm up her frozen fingers.

Also, thank you to our volunteers, Katie Corsetti, Brooklyn Crump, Gracyn Cuzzi, Emma Faria, Maggie LeCompte, Amelia Leighton, Ella MacLaughlin, Bella McQuade, Izzy Milot, Ava Pratt, and Sam Sweeney, and to our chaperones Kelli Corsetti, Mandi Crump, Kate Faria, and Erin Sweeney.